Team: “two or more people who work together to achieve a common goal.”

Our team consists of skilled designers, brand strategists, web developers, content writers and…..YOU.
We take great pride in our work as well as the customer service we provide and it is essential to us to treat you as part of our team. We work towards meeting and exceeding your goals and work together to achieve them. We understand that your time is precious and limited, so we make the whole process as efficient and as easy as possible, guiding you through every step of the way.

Please meet the executive members of our team:

Rowland – Business Owner

If you imagine it, then he can create it.

“Throughout my career I have established a unique set of technical skills, many years experience as a digital media specialist and gained diverse knowledge about all things digital.

My Computer Games Design Degree provides a unique foundation of digital skills including 3D modeling, animation, compositing and video production. Combined with my Creative Digital Media Masters I have developed a broad set of skills and disciplines that I apply to my web design and development projects.

I have gained significant experience producing engaging digital content, targeting demographics for company’s around the world; I advise on how the latest innovations in web and multimedia development can be used to best deliver on your digital objectives.

I have a keen interest in all things digital and keep fully up to date on the latest technological advances in my industry, especially how these can be integrated into client services.

I pride myself on the ability to bridge the language barrier that’s often present with the traditional developer stereotype. I enjoy the process of discovering a client’s needs and exploring how technology can make their ideas come to life.”

Jon – Design and Social Media Expert

A muliti-displinary creative and digital strategist with over 13 years’ experience and a lover of chilli!

“I grew up in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and studied Art & Design at College. I do what I do for one simple reason – PASSION. Simply put, I really enjoy what I do.

I have been working in the Healthcare and medical communications sector for the last 7 years. My bread and butter has always been design and artworking. However, in recent years through personal development, I have expanded my knowledge into website design and digital marketing. I spend many mornings, evenings listening to podcasts, reading books and blogs to further develop myself in this forever growing digital world.

Most people find working a chore, I thrive on it and live to learn. I can honestly say I have never had the Monday blues.

Me and Rowland have the Yin and Yang effect. Rowland is a developer, so if it doesn’t have a line of code he’s not interested. As a designer, I need everything to look slick!! Between us both we can pretty much achieve anything.”

Alina – Business Partner

A creative mind with a drive to exceed customer expectations.

“Having taken an indirect approach to find the career I feel most passionate about has allowed me to develop a unique set of skills and experience. Many of these skills were transferable allowing me to enhance them throughout my career.

I have many years experience working in the customer service sector which allows me to put myself in our clients’ shoes to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed their expectations and goals. We aim to provide excellent digital media services, whilst striving for outstanding customer support through transparency and integration and I am passionate to excel in both for every project we do.

With a background in marketing I enjoy brainstorming unique ideas to set our clients’ apart from the crowd. I also continuously look for ways to expand Fringe Media and look after all charitable and community support we provide.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and be amazed at what we can do.”